Oct 17, 2013

Cute Outfit Ideas for Little Girls

Every mom of a little girl knows how fun it is to create cute outfits. Doing this only takes a little bit of creativity and a willingness to dress your little girl in an outfit you wouldn’t necessarily picture her in. Here are some girls clothing ideas that make cute outfits.

Bonnie Jean Purple Black Zebra Outfit Legging
Sophia’s Style, an online girls’ clothing store, sells a cute outfit by kid’s designer Bonnie Jean called Purple Black Zebra. This adorable outfit consists of a purple long sleeved leotard with a ruffled bottom, paired with zebra print leggings. The zebra print trim completes the outfit that would look cute on any little girl.

Bonnie Jean Black Stripe Scotty Tutu Dress Leggings
This outfit, also found for sale at Sophia’s Style, is made up of a short sleeved black and white striped top with a scotty on the front. It includes a pink polka dot tutu and black leggings. This adorable outfit is perfect for any little girl who likes dogs, especially if she calls a scotty her pet.

Gigi Turquoise Butterfly Shirt Ruffle Skirt Outfit
The Gigi Turquois Butterfly Shirt Ruffle Skirt outfit features a plain blue top with a butterfly on it, as well as a pink, blue and green ruffled skirt with matching trim. This outfit can serve to make any little girl feel like a princess. Parents love it because it has so many beautiful pastel colors in the outfit.

Sophia’s Style Pink Brown Animal Print Pant Outfit
The Pink Brown Animal Print Pant outfit consists of a long pink short sleeved shirt and animal print flare leg pants. The bottom of the shirt and the arm holes are outlined in animal print as well. This is a unique outfit any little girl would be proud to wear.

Bonnie Jean White Navy Dot Tier Dress Leggings
The Bonnie Jean White Navy Dot Tier Dress Leggings outfit consists of a sleeveless white dress with big blue polka dots. There are three layers at the bottom of the dress. The top layer is the same as the dress, the second layer is blue with small white polka dots and the bottom layer is pure red. The outfit comes with blue and white striped leggings giving the outfit a sailor like look.

Holiday Outfits For Little Girls
Sophia’s Style carries many adorable Christmas outfits for little girls. Some of these outfits are dresses and some of them come with really cute leggings. The Bonnie Jean Green Reindeer Tulle Christmas outfit consists of a green long sleeved top with a reindeer on the front and a red and green tutu. The outfit also includes red and green striped leggings. These adorable Christmas outfits could melt even the heart of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

These are just some of the many cute ideas out there for little girls outfit. Many of them even come with girls jackets that complement the outfit and let little girls stay warm in style. 


  1. I like Bonnie Jean brand of clothing, I have some for my daughter.

  2. I only have a boy, but it's so fun when I babysit little girls and I can make them cute and adorable. I have two adorable little nieces :)

  3. I kind of wish my daughter is still younger so I can dress her up like a little doll which I did when she was young. She loved frilly dresses and pink ones too. Since she became a teenager, her fashion sense and taste changed a lot. She's into grunge look now which I totally don't appreciate. But hey, she's free to express herself.

    I like all those cute girlie clothing.

  4. We went to this weekend and we looked for some holiday outfits.

  5. So cute!

    Once I get a baby I'd love to buy these stuff hihi

  6. I'll show this to my niece. I'm sure she's going to love it.

  7. Those are very cute outfits. We have no girls in our family all boys.


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