Oct 16, 2013

At The Library

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It was a Friday two weeks ago when I took the kids to a public library near our place. The kids were excited as it was their first time to go inside a library. The library is very small, but for them, it was the biggest they have seen, of course. :) Their eyes grew wide as they looked at all the books on the shelves. The librarian at the desk asked them to sign the guestbook/logbook. It was their first time to fill up a form, with their name, school and the time they went in. Even Simon wrote his name, but just his first name because the librarian said I could do it for him. It would really take a long time and a lot of space if he did it himself. 

I took the kids to the library so I could show them some fairy tales books, as we had been reading lots of Tagalog books  lately written in the Filipino setting. I would like them to see other kind of books, fairy tales and fables and such. We were ushered by another librarian to the children's section. I showed them all the fairy tales books but they were not interested. They went for the science books instead. They read about dinosaurs, astronauts, animal and plants. Although I managed to read to them a short story books titled "Making Paper Boats With Papa". 

After our trip to the library, we went to the newly-opened Mini Stop outlet nearby and they got sundae cone treats for being such good kids at the library. I think we're going to make it a Friday habit. Going to the library on a regular basis is a good habit as it promotes the love for books and reading.

I was happy to see some students inside the library researching and reading books. In this day and age, you'll usually see them in Internet cafes Googling their research projects. :) 

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  1. I agree, few students uses books anymore. They are ngulf into new technology.


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