Oct 6, 2013

A Card for Tatay

Simon spent a few hours on Friday afternoon making paper art and making a birthday card for his Tatay Poly. Tatay Poly is my husband's uncle who has been sort of my kids' lolo (grandfather). Since my hubby's father had passed away even before my eldest was born, he is the lolo they know on my hubby's side. And since my father lives in the province and only get to see my kids when he stays with us during vacation, my kids spend more time with Tatay Poly than with my father. 

 So, it goes without saying that for my kids, Tatay Poly's 60th birthday is a big event. Simon prepared this birthday card for him.

We are thankful for his presence in our lives. He is generous with the kids, not only with toys, gifts or candies and food, but with his time. He attends most of Simon and Sam's school events. Sometimes, he just visits in the afternoon after school and buy the kids some treats at the sari-sari store. My kids love him to pieces.


  1. And Tatay Poly will love your tribute blog to him! Please say a Happy 60th Birthday to him from Australia!
    Have a great week

  2. What a great tribute to Tatay Poly. I'm sure the cute card touched his heart.


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