Sep 24, 2013

Wishing for Sunshine

Happy Tuesday morning! Although this post is supposed to be for Monday Mellow Yellow. Thank goodness the rain stopped. I haven't seen Mr. Sun yet but this is better than yesterday. I hope the rain would say bye for now and come back only when it's needed. What wishful thinking, huh? 

 Meanwhile, I'm putting a little bit of sunshine into this post. Enjoy this beautiful yellow flower. 

At the Manila Seedling Bank

Both photos are a little bit edited. Just auto-corrected. I'm using PicMonkey and I love it. They have so many cool fonts, overlays and effects.

Meanwhile, provinces North of Manila here in the Philippines are in state of calamity. There are photos circulating on the web of an entire town market submerged in flood water. These people affected by the flood need our help. If you have time and resources and are able, please lend a hand. You can visit the Philippine Red Cross on how to volunteer or donate cash or goods.

Keep safe, warm and dry, everyone!


  1. Wonderful yellow flowers.
    Sad to know about the flood victims in your country.
    Thanks for your visit :)

  2. Excellent compositions! I love those colors! Beautiful flowers!

  3. What a pretty flower to brighten your day! I hope the rain stops soon for you.


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