Sep 22, 2013

Sterling Silver Bracelet On My Wish List

I recently made a wish list for Christmas on my other blog. I have there a smoothie maker, a blender, a mixer, a USB memory stick, printer, camera and a headset. That list is almost complete. I just forgot to add in some accessories. I'm not really into fashion or make-up or anything like that, but I really love fashion accessories and costume jewelry. At one point, I was making them myself, thanks to my best friend who taught me how. I would love to have some new bracelets and necklaces to go with a new outfit this Christmas. Excited? You bet I am. But, for a change, it would be good to have a sterling silver bracelet to go with a new dress. A new dress? What? My boys would say, "What's gotten into you, Mama?" Well, a wish list is a wish list, anyway. No harm in making them and no harm in adding in the sterling silver bracelet in there. Who knows, somebody among my friends might play Santa :) and grant my wish. After all, I've been a very good mom this year. :)  Yeah, I think so.


  1. You go for it girl - put it out there, everything you could possible want ( and more) then you never know!!

  2. It's always good to make wishes sis. I have plenty, believe me lol.

  3. Great list of gifts. Yeah who knows someone might give you exactly what you want.

  4. Wishlist is popular these days as Christmas season is fast approaching :)

  5. My wish list is not that long and it contains mostly of intangible ones :) But if I have to make a wish list with stuff I really, really wanted to have, it'll probably be something I "need." :)

    Make a wish sis... Santa might give it to you. :)


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