Sep 1, 2013

Nephew's Love of Music

My nephew, whom I had blogged about, is really deep into music. Anyone can tell with a just a glance on his Facebook wall. His wall is flooded with music related stuff, from gigs to featured bands, to photos of his guitar and links of sale of other musical intruments. I thought he would be interested in guitars only and other guitar accessories like classic Ampeg Guitar Amplifiers at musician's friend but I find posts about pedal boards, cymbals and other musical instruments as well. And that is good. I hope he and my Basti would get together soon. I'm sure Basti would learn a lot from him.


  1. Music is such a wonderful gift to pursue. I hope they are both able to explore and enhance their talents.

  2. i think the world will be so much better if children be immersed in positive music :)


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