Sep 4, 2013

Musical Notes and Musical Staff

Sam's studying musical notes now on his Music, Arts, Health and Physical Education (MAHPE) class. It's hard for me to teach him all this musical stuff because I don't have any musical inclination at all. Music is like Math to me. I dare not understand it, hahaha. Good thing is that Sam's teacher was able to teach him well. He now knows all the musical notes and can distinguish the half notes from the 1/8 notes and quarter notes. He also is starting to get to know his musical staff better. The next thing to learn is applying this knowledge to actual practice.

Sam likes music. He loves listening to classical music. I know this because he would sometimes request to play the CD of classics we have before he goes to sleep. So I wouldn't be surprised if he goes down the musical path when he grows older. I can imagine him singing, or conducting behind a music stands wood at m123 or strumming a guitar. It's not a remote possibility as his father's side of family all love to sing. 

If you're a parent and would like to teach your child music, it's not as easy as you think. But with strategies and teaching tools, games, and fun-filled related activities, teaching kids musical notes would be a little bit of a breeze.

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  1. Before Rye took piano lessons, I used to teach her songs that I know based from just listening to the tune as I don't know how to read music notes, now she is teaching me!


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