Sep 5, 2013

Better Than Playing Online Games

My eldest said yesterday that he needs to replace the broken chord as soon as possible. He has more time to practice now with all the August activities at school over and done with. I'm gonna see where I can buy that broken chord since he has saved enough money for it, I guess. He was also talking about tone hammer, which I had to look up at Google to understand more about. I also checked on videos to see what that is. I told him he may not be needing that yet, and besides his cousin, my nephew the guitarist, may have that already. Better check that out first.

I'm glad his interest in music is sustaining itself. I'd rather see him strum the guitar than play computer games all the time. Although, I know he has learned a lot being online, it doesn't do good for his social life to be always in front of the computer. When playing a guitar, he has a buddy who he's interacting with. He's also more relaxed when playing the guitar. It would be great for him to be unplugged, so to speak.


  1. I agree sis, honing his music interest is better than playing games n the computer.

  2. Supporting our children's interest in music is so worth it.


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