Sep 27, 2013

Basti's Drawing

This is Basti's drawing. He did this last year. It was on an old notebook. One day, he said he didn't want to make his project because he would need to draw it. And he said he doesn't know how. Hubby and I got slightly angry. We know he can draw, he took after his father. He just wants his father to draw for him. We were mad because he's not using his gift, the talent that God has given him. 

So, every time he says he can't draw, I show him this piece of paper, along with some other drawings that I collected since he was a kid. And I say to him not all people can draw. It's a talent, a gift. To be able reproduce through whatever medium whatever it is you're seeing with your eyes is not something everyone can do. And if he practice he will improve. I want him to see that we are proud of him and that we believe he has potential. I know right now, he's interested more in music than drawing right now, but I'm hoping that in the years to come, he'll practice drawing more and more.


  1. I agree, he is very talented sis, a nice gift that he should nurture.

  2. you have an artist in the making. :)

  3. May talent talaga, Mai! Di ko nga kaya mag draw ng kahit disenteng kubo, lalo la kung tao pa. LOL!

  4. you surely has the gift, buddy, + i do hope you nurture it + continuously practice it. teach me how to draw one of these days, right? am sure mum will be thrilled if i learn how to :)

    thanks for joining KID + do join us again next week :)

  5. help him develop his talent and interest to art surely this would bring him to a brighter future which we all moms want to have for our kids


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