Sep 25, 2013

A Cajon For The Boys?

Sam wants a piano and Simon wants drums. It's nice to see that even in their preferences to instruments, the difference in their personalities shows. Silent, introspective, and moody Sam, who wants to be left alone most of the time, wants a piano. The very active, energetic and noisy Simon wants drums, to further infuriate me and the neighbors with his noise. :)

Last week, I learned about a new musical instrument that I really haven't heard of before. I looked at YouTube and since the kids were at home (school is out due to bad weather), they saw what I was watching on YouTube, too. They agreed that they want this new instrument instead. I don't even know what how this instrument works so I had to Google it up. The said instrument is called a cajon.

 The person who the kids saw in YouTube was using a meinl cajon caj8mb-m. It seems that the Meinl is the more popular brand of cajon. If this brand and musical instrument is not that pricey, I would like to get this for the kids. It's not as noisy as drums and takes up less space. 


  1. I don't know what cajon is too lol. I'll check it out.

  2. Oh it's a very interesting piece of musical instrument. I think I have that in one of bands here in town.

  3. Sounds like my kids would love to bang that instrument in the house too.

  4. Cajon? First time I have heard of that. I only know Cajun, as in Cajun chicken...yum! hahaha


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