Aug 26, 2013

Speech Choir Props

Hubby had been working on a backdrop for some days now. The backdrop is for Basti's speech choir. Basti is a props man. And since he's a props man in his class' speech choir, we figured we better make some of the props. Hubby spent hours on drawing a war scene with pastel. Given the short amount of time and because of the recent flood, it was such a rush job and the output was not as fabulous as we would like it to be. But it still came out fine. The organizers were satisfied enough with hubby's work. What's important is that it would have the effect of chaos with lots and lots of fire and smoke.

The class is thinking of using dry ice for the smoke effect. I would have recommended the classic fog juice at musician's friend for that effect but there's really no time to order and have it shipped, if they ship international at all. Besides, there's already another person in charge of the dry ice. They said they will be looking for dry ice at the local ice cream maker. 

Basti and all the other props men will be wearing an all black costume while the speech choir participants will be wearing Filipiniana attire.

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  1. Oh how nice that even Daddy is involve with Basti's choir!


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