Aug 27, 2013

Military Families and The Challenges They Face: An Infographic

As I was reading this infographic, I can't help but admire even more the men and women that are serving the military. Ultimately, their decision to serve their country as military men not only affects them but affects also the lives of their loved ones. This infographic tells us about the challenges of military families and how they can cope.

Military Families - The Common Challenges They Face by Low VA Rates
I know there shouldn't be any comparison, the risks that military men are facing are far greater, but I can't help thinking that Filipino OFW families have almost the same challenges when it comes to loneliness, missing loved ones and missing holidays and milestones. And the tips here are something that they can also learn from.


  1. It is really tough, glad we got it over with..

    1. So glad for you, sis. You came to mind actually when I was making this post.


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