Aug 23, 2013

Broken String

Two weeks ago, my eldest Basti asked permission to go to his friend's house to practice strumming with his classmates. It was the first time to bring his guitar outside of the house and so I reminded him that the guitar is his property and whatever happened to it, he would be responsible for it. He said yes, he understood.

He came home an hour and a half later (just as I told him to do) and said, "Mama, there's good news and bad news." I hold my breath for what was coming. "The good news is I finally got to use a pick." And the bad news? "The bad news is the string broke while I was using the pick." I didn't have to say anything. He knew he'll be needing to save up to have that string replaced and won't be using the guitar for quite awhile.

The guitar may be Basti's first possession, one that he can call as his own with pride. The computer, he says, doesn't feel like his because everyone's using it and he can only use it for a couple of hours a day. The guitar is all his. During the recent flood, we put all appliances and gadgets upstairs until there's not much space left. The guitar took a little bit of space and we had to make sure it doesn't get squashed or scratched by the other much heavier stuff. 

I can't help thinking that time, when we were arranging the appliances upstairs, that it would also be great if we have looked at exciting traveler guitar guitars at guitar center. Those foldable and small guitars would really appealing to people with small space or who are always traveling. I'm not sure though if Basti would appreciate that, though. Of course, kids doesn't think of convenience when buying these kind of things. They just want to strum.

A string was broken but a lesson was learned... I hope. :)

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