Jul 15, 2013

Yellow Odd Looking Plant

I first saw this plant during my son's field trip at Paradizoo Farm. The guide said the plant is tagged as Mickey Mouse plant, because its fruits are shaped like that of Mickey Mouse's head, with the ears and all.
Solanum Mammosum at Paradizoo Farm
 I tried researching on Mickey Mouse plant because that's what the guide said its name was. But there are images of another Mickey Mouse plant on the net and that other one was red and looks more like Mickey Mouse than this one. I later found out that the scientific name of this plant is Solanum mammosum. (Thanks Wikipedia and Google Images!) It is also known as Nipplefruit or Cow's Udder. The plant is a relative of eggplant and potato. See the leaves? It originated from South America and is poisonous.

Solanun Mammosum at the Manila Seedling Bank
I found the same plant at the Manila Seedling Bank last December. I find this plant really interesting and intriguing. According to good old Wikipedia, it is known as "five fingered eggplant" in Chinese culture and  "Fox Face" in Japan. .

There's a great post about this plant as a favorite decorative plant to use during the Chinese New Year at My Nice Garden. The plant has wonderful purple and yellow blooms and has thorns. I didn't notice the thorns at all but you can see them clearly at  Andrea at this Lifetime's post. 

Have a great week ahead, everyone! May you be blessed with so much love and good health this week.

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