Jul 3, 2013

Tim Giggle Grabber and Stuart Light Up Grabber

These are my two younger kids' new toys. These are Tim Giggle Grabber and Stuart Light Up Grabber of the movie Despicable Me and are part of the collection of McDonald's Happy Meal toys. 

I've been watching Despicable Me 1 in DVD for a week now, I can almost memorize the lines. The minions are really adorable and I can understand why the kids love the movie. We haven't watched Despicable Me 2 yet but I'm hoping we can watch in the theater, if it's still showing. That would be a real treat to the kids. If not, we just have to wait for the DVD version, then or download online. :)

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  1. One of my children's favorite movie as well. They watch it every chance they get over here weee.


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