Jul 3, 2013

Theatre Acting In the Summer

Yesterday, Basti expressed his anxiety over their coming classroom play.  Basti used to have stage fright. When he was in preschool, his knees literally shake whenever he went onstage to receive his awards. Thankfully, his stage fright had lessen because of numerous mini-plays and activities they've done at school.  Last year, I watched one of their mini-plays and I was really so proud of my son acting out his part really well on stage and not seeming to be lost even a little bit. Although, he said that his heart was racing and his hands were sweating all throughout the play. He has overcome that fear and is more confident now onstage. Still, there are times that he would decline invitations to play a certain part. I told him that everything will be all right, as long as he prepares for the part, memorize his lines and do as instructed.

I wish I could enroll him in a workshop for acting and building more confidence onstage, but that is out the budget right now and our schedule would not permit it. Doing it in the summer would be much better but then I have been an epic failure when it comes to summer activities for my kids, haha. Still it would be good for someone to mentor him on this kind of activity.

In California, there are  Walnut Creek children's theatre acting camps specializing in this musical theatre acting. Children are taught and mentored on acting and are guaranteed a speaking role in the musical productions. These summer activities are fun and really beneficial to children who have found a passion for acting early on in life or who would like to explore this field of music and arts.

Finding a great teacher, mentors and directors for stage performances is difficult. It is not like playing guitars where even your neighbors would do as long as they know how to play and are willing to teach you. It would be great to find a theatre school where a renowned director, actor and composer likeBarrett Lindsay-Steiner teach. Those schools are hard to find and so one must take advantage of the expertise that such director-actor offers.

I hope that my Basti would be okay in his next play. I would definitely go out of my way to prepare him for his part. After all, that's what we parents do, support our child in any way we can, right?


  1. I don't blame him, I still have stage fright and I am 40 lol.

    1. Me, too! That's why I want him to outgrow this. Sometimes you outgrow the fear, sometimes not.


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