Jul 14, 2013

Screw For The Wall Mount

Hubby's been trying to get our TV on the wall for some time now. He bought a wall mount for it some months ago. After he bought it, I told him we could not use the wall mount because our rent contract states we cannot drill holes on the wall. He was so disappointed and thought that since we've been living in this house for six years now and they practically are open to us buying it eventually, maybe they wouldn't mind anyway.  

Two weeks ago, I finally got the courage to ask our landlord about drilling holes in the house, just for flat panel and he agreed. We were so happy and we took out the wall mount that hubby had stored in the closet so we could finally mount the TV on the wall. Well, we got so frustrated because it seems we can't get it right, until we realized we're missing some screws!

We can't  return the item anymore because it's been with us for months.We had to ask my big brother who sells items online if he could find us some screw that would fit what we bought, or find us a new wall mount. The TV is fine where it is right now, but we would have more open space once the TV's mounted on the wall.  So this wall mount thing is another one of our mini house projects, haha.

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  1. With online shopping, I am sure you can find the screw you need. That's one thing about renting, it is really hard to display things on the wall. With me, I drill holes all the time, hubby isn't happy but it is very easy to patch it lol.


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