Jul 15, 2013

Not A Music Person

My nose bleeds whenever hubby talks about music, songs and dance. I'm not a music person, I can't even carry a tune. I can't dance either, I was born with two left feet. So all the talk about music at home is giving me a headache.When they were talking about Cakewalk, I thought they were talking about food, haha. That is such an advance topic for a non-music lover like me. I'm sure my photographer brother who's in the technical department of CCP would understand that, but not me. He might even have that at his place of work. Me, I cannot even grasp the concept of  it being a  MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequencer.

I love listening to music and all but I don't want to discuss music, which people at my house seem to be doing lately. But I don't want my kids to be like me, so when hubby bought my eldest a guitar I was happy. I'm just so glad my kids did not take after me. All of them loves to and can sing and dance. I'm the book, arts and craft, pen and paper person in the house.

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  1. Wahhhh, apir tayo dyan with two left feet lol. I can dance chacha though, papa taught me hehehe. I am not a good singer but I love to sing..


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