Jul 14, 2013

My Mother's Photo Book

 Mother arrived from the province last week. I was so excited to show her the photobook I made and ordered for her last Mother's Day. I'm glad she like the photobook. I compiled photos of all her grandkids as babies and at their current ages now. I can see that she really like the photobook because she was smiling while she browsing through the photo book, and even chuckled over the baby pics. 

I really love the company where I order my photobooks. I wonder if they are using eoncode.com for print management software. Customizing the photobooks with them is very easy, quality of paper and print is really good and shipping is fast. I will make a separate post about that company in the coming weeks. 

Sometimes, you don't have spend a lot for gifts. I got my mothers photobook for free but the smile on her face and the joy in her heart is priceless.

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  1. Wow, I have never ordered a photo book before, it looks like the way to go since you do not have to deal with photo albums anymore. I am sure your Mama loved it sis!


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