Jul 16, 2013

My Kind of House

I was browsing through an old copy of an entertainment magazine (Yes Magazine) that I  got when I bought my May issue of my favorite parenting magazine. I can't help but admire the house of the couple, Regine and  Ogie Alcasid. They have a very spacious and luxurious hilltop home, one that's centered around their child and their passion which is music. They have their own recording studio inside their house. Who knows, they may have used Presonus products at one point in this music studio. I can see many   kinds of musical instruments and recording devices and many plaques of recognition for Ogie's albums. Their house is the kind of house I want -- spacious, with sun lighting up the whole area through open space and high glass windows, and greenery everywhere you look. And they have an infinity pool. But, I'm just gonna dream on for now, because this house I'm sure costs millions, which I don't have. :)

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  1. Naku sis if malapit ka lang, I would give all this parenting magz I have hehehe. Lucky are those celebrities with lots of moolah!


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