Jul 17, 2013

Kids Name Labels

One of the things that I really spend time and energy on every time school opens is the labeling of my kids' things. All of their books, notebooks, art supplies, even pens and boxes of crayons have to be labeled. For me, and I think for most parents, something seems to be lacking when you look at your children's things and they're not labeled. Something's not right. :D

Why do I label my kids' things? Why do I spend time printing my kids name labels for school? For one, I am paranoid that if any of my kids' things get lost, they won't come back to us because there's no identification. If there's identification, people who find them can easily trace those things back to us. Also, my kids love to see their names on print. It gives them a sense pride that "this beautiful notebook is mine and it has my name on it to prove it." It gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility. I usually tell them, showing the label to them, like "This is my notebook and it has my name on it. I don't want it lying around for everyone to see and know that I'm the owner who's not taking care of it well." 

And lastly, aren't those kids name labels the cutest? I'm sure every kid would want something cute and beautiful to display, especially if it has their favorite cartoon characters on them. And my kids are no exception.

This year, I just made the labels very simple for my kids' school belongings. I found some free labels online, cute ones, but since we don't have a printer, having them printed out at a local print shop will really cost a lot. So I just made my own. The kids are okay with whatever I came up with, but I can see they were not as happy like last year. Next year, I promised them, (OK, yeah, I promised myself) I would order them some really good name labels at a website I saw that offers high-quality name labels months in advance.  Sometimes, ordering in bulk online is cheaper than having them printed out. 

I'm sure parents in the US are already preparing back-to-school items for their kids. We're done with that here in this part of the world, and we can just now sit and relax. So, to all my mommy friends in the US, as they say, Aja!


  1. I label my kids school stuff too, it is required and I love it that way.

  2. Thanks for this info sis. I'm in the process of scouting labels to print for my daughter's school books and notebooks before the school starts in September.

  3. Ideally, school supplies were purchased was shared common form and disappear differences and enhance personal relationships.

  4. You reminded me that I need to buy ink for my printer. It comes in handy and I agree that labeling their items for school is necessary.


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