Jul 10, 2013

Fun With Clay

Last week, the kids were so into dough or clay. The fascination for anything clay was rekindled when one of Simon's classmate in prep class brought a set of play dough during art class. Simon asked me to buy a set for him and I did. I bought one set for him and one for Sam. 

It's amazing what the sets of clay can do. Making things out of clay kept them occupied and quiet for very long periods of time. Each child is busy with his own set of clay. I can sense their minds thinking, thinking, thinking and see their hands working, working, working.  The only time I was interrupted at work was when they had to show me their new creations. And I laugh with glee and praise them most of the time. The fascination with the clay wore off after a week and they're now back to their usual rowdy, wrestling selves. LOL.

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  1. It's wonderful to see children be creative with the simplest of toys! Happy Ruby Tuesday!


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