Jul 1, 2013

Finding A Good Day Care

It's such a joy to see my youngest go to school everyday. He's obviously enjoying the things that they are doing at school like drawing, singing, reading and doing the math. He skips as he walks to school and comes home proudly smiling showing off the stars in his hands. He likes his teacher and the people at his school.

When considering a daycare or preschool, instead of doing a little research about the place, why not do a LOT of research? This is for you own child's good. For example, if you're trying to look for a good Thornton CO day care, make sure to visit the place, look to other parents' testimonials, make sure that the school is following state laws and regulations, observe how the teachers and children are interacting with each other, or how children themselves are interacting with each other, and look at their curriculum. Check the teacher-student ratio. More importantly, ask lots of questions, never assume, know the details and don't leave anything to chance. Try checking with other schools and compare. These steps are very important especially if you're living in the US where kids go to daycare as early as a few months, with the parents working outside of the house.

Here in this part of the world, I don't know of any daycare service that offer the same services or have the same set-up that they have in the US. We have extended families, lol, that help us in taking care of our kids.  And if we don't have that, we have babysitters and yayas instead to accompany our kids at home and bring them to their respective schools. Although, I've heard some moms in my WAHM community wanting to have that kind of service where we can drop off the kids to be taken care of with other kids during the hours that we're away. 

I am lucky that I did not have difficulty finding a good daycare for Simon. He's going to the same elementary school his brother Sam is going to. They offer preschool classes as well. Sam is in Grade 2 and Simon is in Prep.When I first enrolled Sam in this school, I researched about it first. I listened to other parents' testimonials and ask questions from other people who know about the school. Testimonials are very important to know the experiences of parents and students in a school.

What I like about my two kids' school is that there a small number of students, so teachers are more focused on each student and students' weaknesses and strengths are addressed. There's a good teacher-student ratio. I can talk with the teachers about the progress of my two kids and all concerns are attended to almost immediately. With this kind of set-up, I'm able to concentrate on my work and not worry too much about my two younger kids at school.


  1. Awww that is so nice that Simon love going to school sis!

  2. Agree ako on what you said on the last paragraph, that's one reasons why we love the school where we send our kids too.

    1. I love the activities on your kids' school, sis. We don't have as much activities in the school where my little ones go. Good for me, bad for the kids. That's the only thing lacking, but overall I am satisfied.


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