Jul 12, 2013

Body Aches, Sleep and Pillows

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It seems like the only thing I do nowadays is sleep. For some reason, I have been feeling very sluggish and sleepy. Last Saturday, I have moved my workstation from downstairs where I keep an eye on the kids to upstairs where I could work uninterrupted during the day and be able to work at night while the kids are sleeping in the same room. The thing is, the new workstation is so closed to the bed and it's hotter during the day that I feel so sleepy most of the time.

Today, I woke up with a migraine and an aching body. My slippped disk is setting in again. What a combination! The migraine I could understand, it might be because of the heat or might be because of something I have eaten. The body aches is something new. Usually, it's just the lower spine that's aching. But today, it's the whole body, including my arms and neck. I'm sure it's because I've been sleeping so much. Or I have not positioned myself correctly during my hours of sleep. Maybe it's time to find neck pillow specials and other body pillows. The mattress is almost brand new so it could not be that.

Today, while searching online, I found out that there different types of pillows for different sleepers. Interesting.  There are side sleepers, stomach sleepers and there are back sleepers.  Determining your sleeping positions is important in choosing the right kind of pillows you need for that restful sleep. Side sleepers like me need a firm pillow, back sleepers need a medium density pillow and stomach sleepers need a soft pillow.

I have two conditions that I really hate, one is migraine and the other one is the slipped disk. And when pain sets in, in both cases, after taking pain relievers, my only escape is sleep.


  1. I am the side sleeper, di ako makatulog if I don't have unana na sandayan lol.

  2. Oh you also suffer from migraine sis? The best and natural cure for migraine is a sleep with matching cool airconditioning unit, closed blinds or curtains, dark and cold room and a very quiet place. Those all work for me since I have allergic reactions to most medication.

    Sleep plays an integral part in our overall well-being. I noticed that when I sleep very late for most nights, I end up having a migraine.

    Right pillow and mattress will also help you have a good sleep and a firm mattress will help prevent your slipped disk from causing too much pain. Hope you feel better now...

  3. we share similar conditions about having migraines, i had it since childhood that never left me away, thankfully, i am able to manage well now by doing body, back and neck stretches, and i agree with you, i back pain is terrible, since it would lead for me to a bad headache :(


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