Jul 6, 2013

Avoid the mistakes when shopping for baby clothes

Before the internet burst onto the scene and gave everyone equal buying power, finding the best baby clothes was a task that even the most resourceful mum and dad found troubling.

Now, with a wealth of information only seconds away, one of the biggest problems is filtering out all the unnecessary stuff and getting to the information that can really help you out.

Here's an insightful guide for all new parents, which should help any new shopper avoid the mistakes when shopping for baby clothes.

Making a list is a very wise idea
Not sure how many baby grows you ordered? Maybe you're struggling to remember if those nice new booties are on order or won't be back in stock for another few weeks? All these memory woes can easily be avoided by making a simple list.

For one it means you won't have to spend ages checking through your emails for order confirmation, and for two it'll enable you to keep tabs on exactly what you have to order, precisely when you need it.

If it looks broke, don't use it
Baby clothes are like anything: they're made by machines, packaged and thought-up by people, and designed with meticulous care. But that doesn't mean to say that mistakes can't happen, so if you find yourself holding a garment, staring at the seam and thinking it doesn't look right, there's never any harm in sending an email or making a quick phone-call.

For the most part, baby clothes are some of the safest items out there, but every so often a manufacturing error might leave clothing damaged or less than satisfactory. There is another very practical reason for contacting the maker of the product, of course, and that's to bring it to their attention so that, if need be, they can initiate a re-call on any other faulty products.

Keeping receipts is very important
With your groceries or household products, you can afford to throw away receipts. Baby clothes receipts, on the other hand, are a very different matter. Some warranties won't be valid unless proof-of-purchase is kept intact.

The same thing goes for instructions and information regarding your baby clothes. The information will probably be online somewhere, but by storing it all safely in one place, you're making life an awful lot easier should you ever need to take action or find something out.

Cleaning matters
When you buy some baby clothes, it's easy to think that the same washing instructions as all your other clothes will apply to them. The problem is, in some cases this couldn't be further from the truth.
Along with hygiene and keeping those nice new items fresh for the course of their short life, it's also a fact that badly washed baby clothes can mean less fun for the baby who wears them. By washing the garments properly as instructed, you're ensuring that they don't give your little one a nasty case of nappy rash.

Customer reviews are a great indication of quality
Finding yourself blown away by what a certain manufacturer is saying about their baby clothes? Or perhaps you've been reading about how a certain celebrity adores a particular brand and wouldn't use anything else on their little one? Either way, it's always better to do some research to back these claims up, and customer reviews are probably one of the most reliable ways of doing this. While reviews can't always be trusted, it's fair to say that they hold a certain prestige in the world of baby clothes.

One last thing. Not all reviews will be good, so approach with caution. The fact of the matter is that it's hard to make the perfect product for every person out there. The main thing is that you don't go buying baby clothes which you're unsure about. As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

*David writes about the changing world of how classic brands continue to offer the same range of successful products decade after decade and survive the ever changing storm in one of the world's most competitive and fad-focused consumer markets.

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  1. I used to file every single receipt I have when I shop but not anymore..


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