Jun 12, 2013

VitaPops, Vitamins, Verses and Other Blessings


V stands for the first letter of my middle name, which means valiant in the English language. Valiant means "possessing or showing courage or determination". And how my grandfather lived up to that name! They say he was a Katipunero, one of the brave Filipinos who stood up and fought against the Spanish soldiers in the long war that ended the 350 years of Spanish rule. And today, here in the Philippines, we are celebrating our Independence Day. Viva Filipinas! Mabuhay, Pilipinas!

V also stands for very good. (Lolz) And the merry month of May had been a very good month to me. Blessings came pouring in forms of non-stop transcription work, sponsored posts, and giveaway prizes. I am so thankful for all the blessings that I received in May.

For the second time in 2013, I won a package of  VitaPops (the vitamin C that fizzle and pop) and Ceelin Plus Vitamins from the very generous Unilab. The first time I won was in January and you can see my post about that here.  This time, at the last moment, I joined Mommy Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts giveaway when I saw it posted at the Manila Work-At-Home-Mom Facebook group. I wanted to give my support and decided to join another giveaway of hers, the Nescafe 3-in-1 Mini Giveaway  since I'm already on the site. 

And what do you know? I won both giveaways! Isn't that the weirdest thing ever? I feel like I'm the luckiest person on earth. For a moment, I just wanted to take one prize only and just give the other one to other giveaway contestants. In the end, with the persuasion of some family members, I took both prizes and shared the vitamins with people I know who have kids and have a tight budget and won't be able to put vitamins on their grocery list.  As they say, share your blessings. 


And another thing that made us very happy this May is this Bible Verse certificate. I won this from Liz of Devoted Mommy of 3 and Bible Verse.Org in March. It took a long while to get to us, maybe because of postal issues but finally we got it last May. We had it framed and it look good sitting beside our family pictures and whatnot's. Corresponding to each letter in our family name is a two-line verse taken from the Bible. This, I think, is a great gift idea to families.


And last, but not the least, I won a P1,500 (approx. $37) worth of SM School Savers Gift Certificate from Cheska Layug, the Modern Filipina Mom giveaway!  Isn't that awesome? I have yet to claim the prize but I'm excited to take my kids to shop for more school supplies.

Update: It's here! We're so ready to go shopping for bags and accessories! Thanks Cheska!

With these blessings that came in the month of May, I say Vlessings instead of blessings for more emphasis. I am so thankful for all of these and I want to thank all the sponsors of these giveaways and as well, of course, these beautiful mommy bloggers for the time and effort and resources they gave to their giveaways.

I also want to thank the good people of the ABC Wednesday team for always visiting and commenting. I've enjoyed my very first edition of ABC Wednesday and I've read so many good blogs through this meme. I always look forward to my Wednesdays with you guys. Three to go and we're done and I'll sure be in the next round. 

That's it! A long post, a lot of thank you's but definitely worth the time to write it. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, and I hope you can comment on what you're thankful for this week!


  1. Well, or should I say"vell", you I are the luckiest person of the bloggers I met today! Congratulations! Have a very happy rest if the week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  2. Congrats on it all!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. A VERY terrific collection of V's! I think vlessings sounds much more forceful too:)

  4. Yes, V and very well brave. Enchanting!


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