Jun 17, 2013

Raising Money for the UNICEF Syria Crisis Appeal Fund

If you're part of a youth group, church, boys club, girls club or college group who wants to raise money for a worthy charity in need, consider the Unicef Syria crisis appeal fund. Unicef is working to raise money for Syrian children who are refugees. Refugee children are typically without clean food and water, as well as necessities such as clothing, blankets and even toys. This crisis fund is designed to help provide basic nutritional foods, as well as clean water, educational opportunities and household items to families who have lost everything they own. This fund accepts donations in any increment. While the website suggests a donation of $50, $100 or even $200 to go toward specific needs, the truth is that any dollar amount can make a huge difference to a family in need. That said, this organization is a great charity to raise money for especially as a group. 

What better way to spend your summer months than working together to raise money for children in need? Something as little as $50 can provide families with blankets and other household goods they have lost while fleeing their homes. Raising money can be easier than you might think. For example, your group could offer a parent's night out. Offer babysitting for a few hours one Saturday night. Let parents drop their children off at the church while they have a date night. Accept donations as payment or charge a minimal, reasonable fee for babysitting. Make sure the parents know exactly what you're raising money for and you may find that they are incredibly generous with their donations. 

Another way to raise money is the tried-and-true bake sale, but make sure you consider the recent diet kicks that many parents, especially mothers, may be following. Instead of offering cookies and brownies, offer fresh fruits, granola bars or even yogurt cups during your sale. Cold bottles of water are also a great selling point especially if you're holding your sale on a cold summer day. List a suggested donation amount for each item but again, make sure you state what you're raising money for and you may find that parents are especially generous and willing to give a little extra for.


  1. A great cause to consider. My kids and I are planning to have a garage sale this summer so we can help their cousins in the Philippines..

    1. I wish that I have a lot of money so I can help out charities.

    2. Me too, I wish a lot of money to give. So I'll just share this cause so other people will know about it.

  2. If there's someone would like to help, it's the children in the Philippines. For them to have good education, clothing, and food to eat.

  3. Bake sale is a good way to raise funds for charitable orgs. Also, Teesping.com is another site that can help propel funds by selling shirts on your behalf and sales/proceeds of which will be donated to the charitable org of your choice.


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