Jun 18, 2013

My Postcards

My very first postcard, from my fabulous friend at Weirton, West Virginia! Thanks Rose!
One of the things that's giving me joy these days is looking at my stash of postcards. There are just a few but every time I look at them, they make me happy. Thinking that someone has me on their mind and made the effort to go to the post office to mail me that postcard gives me that feeling that I am special. I am thankful to the people who sent me these postcards.

 This postcard of Fort San Pedro reminds me always of the time I was in Cebu about ten years ago on a business trip with my Japanese boss. Thanks, sis Vix!

 This postcard came as a surprise and I love it! This is a Chinese garden. The sender is an amazingly intelligent and witty woman working in Taiwan. Thanks, Lyn!

And this one of the Masskara Festival is my favorite because of its vibrant colors. Thanks, Shengkay!

All this talk of postcards leads me to wonder on how these postcards are made. I was wondering because my brother is a photographer and he has some really great nature shots. It would be great to have those shots of different places in the Philippines made into postcards if he'll allow it. We would have to find a company who offers excellent wholesale offset printing for that.

This is one of my brother's shots. What do you think? You can find him on his Facebook page, TheWeddingProjects. 

Pagudpod {By TheWeddingProjects and RodelValiente Photography}


  1. Love that last shot. Sorry the Spring PC I sent you came back to me lol..

    1. It's OK sis, the postman says it happens sometimes. Thanks for the effort, sis. Wag kang madadala, hahaha.


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