Jun 20, 2013

My Mother's Cakes and My Father's Oven: All Homemade

My mother texted me and said that she'll be coming over to Manila this July. I wish she'll bring some of her freshly baked cakes. She used to bake a lot when we were kids. We had sponge cakes almost every day for meryenda. Of course, she did not bake every day. But every time she did, the cake would be so big, there'd be leftover for days and we're forced to eat them. When I came to Manila, I began to appreciate more the cakes my mother bakes. The cakes here are so expensive and yet not as delicious as my mother's cakes. OK, I'm biased but my mother's cakes were cooked with a dash of love (and lots of eggs), so that's why they're yummier

My father on the other hand, for the love of cakes and baked goods (or for the love of my mom), made his very own electric oven out of scrap. See, a home-made oven, haha. My mother, the wanna-be seamstress, great baker and my father, the inventor-electrician-carpenter and full-time miner, what a pair! I wonder where the oven is right now, if it needs a good oven repair or if it's gone for good. I have good memories of that homemade oven. I remember the smell coming from it during Christmases, New Years and birthdays. I remember the warmth coming from it, too.

Someday, I want to have an large oven of my own. But right now, it's not feasible with the house we live in, with the budget we have, with the space we have, and with me not knowing how to use it.:D For now, I'll start with a microwave.:D


  1. Wowow sis, you have talented Parents, so what traits did you get from them? I bet you are as talented as they are!

    1. hahaha, sis. Sadly, the only thing I inherited is my father's short-temper and my mother's absent-mindedness. I wish my kids would inherit their passions, though.


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