Jun 25, 2013

Health Watch: Diabetes Calculator For Kids from NCH

I stumbled upon this new Diabetes Calculator For Kids from the Nationwide Children's Hospital while listening to PediaCast, a pediatric podcast for parents. We don't have any kids in the family who have diabetes. But I thought, it'd be good to share this with my dear readers who might find this helpful. 

 The Diabetes Calculator For Kids is the first online app to help families calculate insulin dosages ahead of time. By going through the 5 easy steps, parents, caregivers and patients can create individualized chart that calculates the correct insulin dosage that should be given prior to eating.

So if any of you have kids or friends who are diabetic, please share this post with them or head on over to the Nationwide Children's webpage for more information.


  1. Having a diabetes condition is not fun, I know a priest from back home who maintain meds with his diabetes condition, he said that it's tough.

  2. this is one very helpful app for kids and even for adults too who have diabetes.

    i use calorie calculator for myself, gaining weight lately :(

    1. Ate Betchay, you are gaining weight? As active as you are, I doubt you will gain weight hehehe.

      Indeed a useful app for those who has diabetes issues.


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