Jun 15, 2013

Health Watch: BP Monitors

my mother-in-law's digital bp monitor
 Blood pressure monitors or sphygmomanometers are a must-have in our family. Hubby and relatives on his side of the family all are prone to high blood pressure. My father's blood pressure, I think because of old age, also spikes up every now and then. That is why when I accumulated some reward points in my previous company a few years back when I was still working as a call center agent, the first thing I did was to trade those points for blood pressure monitors.

I bought one for my mother-in-law and one for my father. And it was one of the best purchases I've ever made, although not with cash but with reward points. I wonder how much sphygmomanometer prices are now in the market. I wouldn't have been able to buy one intentionally if not for those reward points. 

My father lives in the province, in the mountains, kilometers away from town and it brings me a little bit of peace of mind that my mother and he can monitor his pressure everyday on their own. There is also a community nurse a few houses away from my parents' house.

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