Jun 2, 2013

Friendship Through The Years

Finally done with work files. I'm taking the rest of this Sunday off and I'm going to be super lazy today.  It's just two Sundays away from my kids' school opening and I am so not ready yet. I'm already stressed out by the thought of it. So I'm just going to enjoy what's left of today.

Meanwhile, it's one my best friend's birthday. Her name is Jonna and we've been friends since high school. She's one of the humblest person I know. She's a beautiful person and so talented. She can sing and she can play the piano as she had been taking piano lessons when we were in high school. I don't know if she's still playing the piano now or what she'd think of a yamaha p95. We don't see each other anymore. The last time we saw each other was last year and yet I was just a couple of rides away from her. 

Despite of this, our friendship have lasted through the years. We don't see each other, but I know she's there for me. When we do see each other, it's like we've never been apart. We only text each other during special occasions. And that's what we don't forget, to greet each other on special occassions. My best friend and I know that there's a bond between us that could never be broken nor taken from us and that's the bond of friendship, respect and acceptance of each other. Happy birthday, best!


  1. Genuine and true friends are hard to find, you are lucky to have Jonna who stick with you for years. I miss my BFF back there hehehe.

    PSS. Ask ko nga pala if gusto mo maging member ng ABC, I'll take a break kasi next round baka gusto mo hehehe..

  2. I agree with sis Chubskulit Rose's comment above. I also believe that, true friends, no matter the distance, will always be there for you and when you meet, it's as if it was just yesterday when you last met.

  3. thanks for your visits, lovely ladies! and though i miss my bestfriend, it's always great to meet new friends!


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