Jun 25, 2013

Five Things That Inspire Me

This is my entry to:

What are the five things that inspire me? 

1. My kids - 
Everyday, when I look at them, I feel blessed and thankful that I am chosen to be a mom. Motherhood has changed me in a lot of ways. It has taught me to care, to believe, to have a little more faith and to be strong. Everyday, I am inspired to work harder so I can give them even the little things, the finer things in life, even the things doesn't really matter but will make them happy. Because seeing them happy makes me happy.

2. My hubby - 
My hubby has a very kind heart. He's works hard for us. He doesn't swear, he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke. He's into clean and green living. Although, more often than not I fail, I always try to be like him, strive to be like him and be more health conscious not only for my sake, but for the sake of my kids.

 3. My parents -
 My parents are very independent people who never ask for anything. They support themselves and are always there to help their children. Their children are still kids to them even if we're old enough already to take care of ourselves.

4. Nature -
 The flowers, the plants, the trees, the sky, the plants, the clouds, the mountains, the beaches and even the rain, and most especially the moon reminds of God's presence in our lives, of his wonderful creativity and love for his creations.

5. Our OFWs -
 I cannot imagine living without my hubby and my kids beside me. I am inspired and have huge respect to those who work abroad, for their sacrifices and everything else that they need to endure in foreign land. They always remind me to be thankful of what I have and endure the tough things in life because other people are enduring more difficult situations in life.

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  1. Yiu have a huge heart sistah and you are right, we should always appreciate what we have because there are others whi have nothing but problems.

    Good luck, I hope you win..

  2. If you were here sana sis, we could go for a walk in the neighborhood or in the woods and be inspired with nature hehehe

  3. you are so blessed Mai, and indeed, those are wonderful blessings to be really thankful about

  4. I would have to say that we have similar appreciation :) our loved ones are at the top of the list and I love nature too but God would be the one that inspires me the most.

  5. OFW makes huge sacrifices in order their families a better life but sometimes neglected to be appreciated. Glad there are some like you sis.


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