Jun 27, 2013

ABC Wednesday: X

 I have nothing to show for letter X. Only three letters to go before I complete this edition of ABC Wednesday and I'm stuck at the letter X. It has been eXtremely difficult to find inspirations for this letter. I've spent eXcruciating hours looking for photos but without success. OK, I'm eXaggerating, haha. It's not as eXcruciating. The good thing that came out of this eXperience is that I was able to organize my photos in my drives according to year and events. I didn't even know some of the older photos still eXist

I have this photo of an orchid, which I thought would pass for a Xylobium. But after further analysis, it might not be a xylobium after all. Anyway, might as well share this. 

My seven-year-old and my four-year-old love to arrange things to make it look like the letters of the alphabet and take a picture of them. This is an old photo from last year. 

I wish I could find some photos of the X-ray that my son had gone through the last year. But that would only bring up more anXiety. :) I wish I have photos of X-Men, one of my kids' favorite movies. And I'm too lazy to dig up the details of my favorite series ever, the X-Files. :) 
Well, that is it for now. This is my lame post for the letter X, LOL. Till neXt week, have a great weekend everyone. I hope yours will be an eXciting one!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think this is an absolutely delightful post! At least you're being honest...X IS a hard letter and not as many people are posting this week.

    abcw team


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