May 28, 2013

Yet Another Baclaran Post: School Supplies Prices

Hubby and I went to Baclaran last Saturday to shop for school supplies for the kids. I am happy to say that all the money I spent were from my online endeavors, so hubby let me decide on everything. He's just there to support me and to carry the bags of school supplies, lolz. 

Just to give you an idea of how cheap is cheap, here are some of  the prices of school supplies in the store where we bought the items: 

The saleslady asked me if I have a store. I said no, I just got tired of going to the store almost everyday for the kids' school supplies last year. It's not gonna happen this year, I swear.

My youngest is so excited to see all the school supplies. He knows some of those are his, especially the pens. He draws using pens only and hates to use pencils.

Have a great day, everyone! Hope this helps a little bit. :D


  1. It feels good to spend earned money. Lucky you with a shopping-supportive husband.

  2. Besides andun ka na rin lang sa Baclaran di lubos lubosin na diba sis. That's how wqe buy school supplies here, at the end of school year kasi all the school supplies goes on sale so bumibili na kami nung things that they need pag pasukan para dagdag na lang yung kulang sa opening..


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