May 17, 2013

Things I'll Never Do in This Lifetime: Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is something that I'll never do in this lifetime -- among other things. Sad? I'd say yes in a heartbeat. When I was younger (like two and a half decades younger, lol), I read pocketbooks upon pocketbooks of romance novels where the heroine is a fragile lady who got stranded somewhere, saved and fell in love with a man, who naturally, can ride a horse. He is either a cowboy, a lord/baron/etc, or a ranch owner. You may have read one of these romance novels, if you were my age. I don't see much of these novels anymore in the bookstores. 

For a time when I was a teenager, I daydreamt of riding a horse and getting to look like Mikee Cojuangco at least once in this lifetime. I dreamt of  sitting proud at the back of  a horse or galloping away in my equestrian clothes, english tall boots, helmet and all.  Ah, those beautiful equestrians, how can they make horse riding look so easy? And how can they still look beautiful with all that sweat and heat? 

When I finally got a chance to ride a horse, I could not muster the courage to do so,  I'm too scared. And when told myself that I WILL ride a horse in this lifetime, even without the beautiful equestrian clothing, I can't anymore. Because I have slipped disc, which is not life threatening right now, but could be, if I fall. I can't afford to fall or even risk falling. 

Oh, well, maybe in the next lifetime. But still, every now and then, I still look at some equestrians and equestrian clothes online. A few decades ago we only see photos of them on magazines. I still dream sometimes of  riding a horse, but  you know, the spirit is willing but the body is not. :D


  1. What sis? You don't like horse back-riding? I love that but it's quite costly here in Dubai so I just do the camel riding! hahaha. Kidding aside, horse back-riding is one of the things I want to do if given the financial freedom to do so. There's a riding school near our place here and every morning when we pass by that riding school, I crane my neck so hard just to get a glimpse of God's magnificent creation. I love horses and I think I'll be an equestrian on my next life or probably a horse whisperer or a vet! hahaha :)

    Ria C

  2. I always wish that I know how to ride a horse, you know that thing where you can let it run without falling hehehe. Kalabaw lang ala,m kong sakyan hehehe..


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