May 31, 2013

Supporting Your Child's Passion

I grabbed the photo above from my nephew's Facebook page. He's the one standing at the left with a guitar. I am so proud of my nephew. I can remember when he was just a baby, and now he's already a teenager who knows what he wants in life. I'm glad that he's able to discover early in life what his passion is. My brother, his father, discovered photography when he's already working. I am happy that my brother and my sister-in-law are supporting my nephew's passion. And I am inspired by them to support whatever it is that my children would like to take on in the future as well.

As you can see, this was taken in Padi's Point in Cavite. This was a big event for these boys. I don't know if the drums and the other instruments are theirs but I know that my nephew's guitar is his. I remember hanging out at Padi's Point when I was in my early 20's (I can't remember anymore if they have DJs using sound mixer from musicians friend or not; maybe it's the Arts Venue in Taft that's on my mind) and I think the place is a good venue for them who are just starting out and need exposure. I hope his young band will get more gigs, but I hope he'll be able to balance his studies and the band. If not, it'll be bye-bye for the band because focusing on his education will always come first.

My nephew is an inspiration to my son, Basti, who had just gotten his first guitar and who's just learning how to play it. I hope one day, they'll be able to get together and play.  See, when you support your child in any way you can (just like my brother did), you get to inspire other parents as well.


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  2. Hey maybe you can hire your nephew to teach your son to play guitar sis.


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