May 5, 2013

St. Joseph Parish Church, Home of the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ

The Las Pinas Bamboo Organ is a 19th century church organ housed at the St. Joseph Parish Church in the city of Las Pinas, Philippines. It is composed 902 bamboo pipes and 129 metal pipes. Considered to be a Philippine National Treasure due to its uniqueness, it was built under the initiative if by Father Diego Cera and completed in 1824.  Father Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmen is also the church's first parish priest.  

Having been devastated by an earthquake and a storm in the late 1880s, the Bamboo Organ was finally brought to Bonn, Germany for restoration by Johannes Klais Orgelbau and was brought back home in 1975, at about the same time the church is being restored National Artists Francisco Manosa and architect, Ludwig Alvarez. 
 The International Bamboo Organ Festival is held every February.  It is attended by organists, choirs and chorales, and musicians, composers and music lovers all over the world. 
Today, (1st Sunday of May) we are celebrating the Feast of Saint Joseph here in our parish. In short, it's Fiesta (Piyesta or Pista in Tagalog)! The church is adorned wit beautiful ornaments and in the grounds you'll see beautiful banners. Everyday since Monday, the church and the community had been buzzing with fun activities almost everyday.
 I ventured out last week and took these photos of the St. Joseph Parish Church and its grounds. No photos of today yet, I don't know if I'll be able to go out in this hot weather and with this migraine. We did prepare a little bit of special food like salad, biko and fried chicken just in case guests come over today.

The Saint Joseph Parish Church

This is the Atillan House which houses the Bamboo Organ Museum. It used to be a convent. There is also an adoration chapel inside.

Wonderful plant hangers and ornaments

Beautiful against the sky

Chimes made of capiz shells adorns the church entrance

Inside the church

All of the decorations are made of native and indigenous materials

Buri hats as decorations

Buri fans turned decors

A view from the inside

Paper cutouts as decors

One thing I noticed is that all the decorations and ornaments are made of native, indigenous and recycled materials. Kudos to the church decorators for sticking to the theme.

I hope I'd be able to take photos of the fiesta activities for today. If not, I might ask hubby to drop by the patio today where most of the activities are happening.

Until next time, have a great week everyone.

All the colors are for Color Connection, all the Oranges for Orange You Glad It's Friday,  and all the O's and the P's for ABC Wednesday.


  1. Beautiful pics! I pass by the church every Sunday when we visit my inlaws. :)

    Thanks for joining again.

  2. very festive and lovely
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Our parish church here is St. Joseph as well sis and the same way as my hometown in Donsol. I'd love to visit the one you featured someday.

  4. Gee, I thought I had already commented; nifty post.

    1. Yes you did Roger! Thanks so much for visiting again!


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