May 6, 2013

Send Letters To Your Kids Through Stories In The Mail LLC

Have you ever tried sending your child a letter through the post office? In this age of technology, does anyone even bother? Do you remember when you received your first letter delivered by the postman (and not through emai)l? I do, I remember and it was such a thrilling experience. I remember thinking, "Wow, someone sent me a letter. This letter is for me." I've received a few letters before, of course, but not from the postman. My first personal letter through the post was from a friend working in Dubai. There were already computers back then but emails are not so prevalent yet (Now, I'm dating myself, haha).

And I don't know if kids nowadays will have the same thrill upon receiving letters through the mail. But when I went to the post office a month or so ago, I sent my son his very own postcard. I wrote in a message, addressed it to him under our residential address and two days later, our reliable postman was knocking on our door. My two younger ones were excited to receive their Kuya's postcard and Kuya smiled that sweet smile of his when he got it that afternoon.

I think sending letters to our loved ones, especially the kids would be a good thing. And why not send  a letter with a twist? There's a new website called Stories In The Mail LLC  which parents with kids will surely like. Stories In The Mail LLC sends personalized letters to your child, whether they be toddlers or teens, from heroes, heroines or villains that you've chosen for them. These are not ordinary letters as they will chronicle the adventure of the chosen mythical character, like in the special called The Wanderer.

If you're thinking of sending a letter to your child, something that you can also read to him at bedtime, check out site and take a look at their Sample Letters. Letter for toddlers by the way comes mostly with illustrations. Good thing. :)

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