May 15, 2013

Receiving and Giving

credit: Crazy-4-Monograms

The letter R is a significant letter for me. All my kids' names start with R -- Rex, Rafael and Ricardo. Rex means king, Rafael means "God has healed", and Ricardo means "Powerful Leader". And Rex does act like he's the king of the house, LOL. 

Three of my siblings' names also start with R: Reina, Rodel and Ramil. My beloved father's name starts with R. And even two of my nephews' names start with R: Russel and Renz. 

R is also for receiving, which I'm doing a lot of lately -- receiving postcards, letters and packages through the mail, receiving opportunities online, and receiving lots of sound file to transcribe, which means work. And work means money. So, I'm thankful and not complaining, though I'm missing out on two R's -- rest and relaxation. :)

Below is one of the favorite things I received through a courier a month or so ago. A gift from one of the respected mommy bloggers in our circle here in this part of the world, Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey. I received this as part of her personal Pay-It-Forward campaign on Facebook. You know the other side of receiving, right? Yes? It is Giving. Giving and receiving are two beautiful words, both bringing joy to the receiver and the giver. Thanks, mommy Chris, you are beautiful inside out.

personalized notepad from Nikki Prints
Isn't this personalized notepad the cutest? At the back of the notepad are Bible verses, which is one of the things I love about it. I also love that cute drawing of the girl at the front. I was thinking when I received it that, "Well, that would make a good blog header and blog name." :D I wonder if they also have plans of using famous quotes from famous people for their personalized collections of notes, calendars, shirts and mugs, aside from the Bible verses. That would be awesome.

How about you? Do you love to receive or do you love to give?  What are some of the things that you received? Put in the link and I'll take a look. Thanks for your time!

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  1. I've gotten mostly over receiving stuff; more into giving.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Interesting how families can use the same letters for names.
    Our Oldest daughter is Michel, her husband Miguel, there children, Michael, Monique and Mark.

    In our children we have two M's and two J's

  3. Such meaningful names. Parang kaming magkakapatid sis puro kami R (8) then nung pinanganak yung bunso namin, I told mama that I will give her a name, I choose Z para last na at di na ulit maganak si mama lol.

    1. Grabe, loyal sa R. Great idea pala yun sis haha.

  4. That notepad is adorable. Fantastic job, very meaningful =)


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