May 13, 2013

Persons With Disabilities and Today's Election

 Today is election day in the Philippines. COMELEC or the Commission of Election has promised a smoother and faster  election due to the use of PCOS (precinct count optical scan) machines. Not only that,  they also vowed that the election process would be easy for persons with disabilities and the precincts would be PWD-friendly. Special voter's registration had been set up for persons of disability prior to election. Precinct rooms will be more accessible to PWD voters and would ideally be situated in ground floors. I find this good news. Most of the time, disabled people don't vote anymore due to the hassle and the difficulty of getting to the precincts to register and vote. With this initiative by the government, PWDs can now exercise their right to vote easily and their vote will be counted. 

I am glad that persons with disabilities are having more and more access to many establishments and better access to education, information and the likes. I see many ramps and railings built in many buildings, sidewalks and overpasses in Metro Manila for PWDs' mobility. In the US, there is the Americans with Disabilities Act which ensures persons with disabilities will have fair and equal access to opportunities and benefits. Detailed guidelines are set up for PWD when it comes to employment, public services, and transportation, et cetera. There's even ada pool lift requirements for swimming pools in hotels and other public accommodations. 

In the Philippines, we have the National Council and Disability Affairs looking after the welfare of disabled persons. If you go to their websites, you will see links on disability laws such as administrative orders,  ordinances,  memorandums and executive orders.

I hope that today would be a peaceful day. I'm praying for guidance and enlightenment for my fellow Filipinos and hoping for leaders with integrity and vision.

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