May 12, 2013

My Kind Of Tea

Lately, I have been drinking a lot of tea. I used to drink a lot of soft drinks and concentrated juice, but now I'm sticking to coffee and hot tea in the morning and evening, and iced tea during the day.  I find tea refreshing and new to my taste. New, because I used to hate drinking hot tea but since hubby loves to drink tea and he always has a box or two always available at home, I've learned to love the taste and different flavors of tea.

For my kidney, I drink sambong tea. My doctor told me to drink sambong tea together with my Rowatinex and Acalka for I am stone former. Sambong tea helps eliminate kidney and gallbladder stones, helps ease dysmenorrhea, and cleanses the body.

My favorite tea bags, though, were the ones given to us by my brother-in-law, who is a seaman. He must have bought these in one of the ports overseas. The package is that of Twinings. There is this particular tea bag that I like not only because of the flavor but also because of the packaging. It's the Queens Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend.

If you would like to shop for tea bags online, I have found a website that holds different kinds, brands, blends,  flavors of tea including Twinings. My hubby would surely love that site. I may just have to ask him to click on the link and visit that website.


  1. I am not really particular when it comes to tea but we love lipton here at home.

    1. I'd check this out sis, hubby might like this kind for a change.

    2. Di ata to available dito sis, I checked at the store pero ala eh.

  2. I like Twinings brand a lot. If there's no other choice, I pick the other brands. I like the peppermint flavor and their chamomile.

    Ria C

  3. Great for you! While I always prefer a cup of coffee over tea. However, I am forcing the husband to sip tea instead of coffee.


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