May 8, 2013

How to Survive a Children’s Party

Children’s parties. If you are like me you will probably be used to shuddering at the word. How can something so innocent be so evil? Cake, junk food, screaming children, loud music and, worst of all, village halls with cheesy discotheques who look like maybe, just maybe, they were best friends with jimmy Saville at some point in time. It might just seem like the perfect combination for a mid-afternoon headache. I am a children’s entertainer, and even I feel this way. And yet, I love my job more than anything in the world. This is because children’s parties don’t have to be something straight out of a Horrible Henrys or Just William book. They can be a genuine sharing of laughter and joy, a time for family, fun, friends, laughter and magic.

My name is Master Oh-No and I am a clown. I would love to be considered for your children’s parties. If, however, you want to go it alone, perhaps becoming a clown for the day yourself, or even hiring a different clown (cue big clown tears!) then here’s a check list for you to follow, to help make your life a little easier and put the joy back into children’s parties!

Remember it’s not about you

You might be the best parent in the world, but this is about your little one and their birthday!  No matter how much you want to stop them jumping around on the bouncy castle after having eaten three bowls of jelly and ice cream, you should probably just let them do it.  They’ll learn once they start to feel a bit sick!  Remember how much fun you had when you were little, and just go with it – get on the bouncy castle yourself if it helps you to chill out!

Be organised

Organisation is key when hosting a birthday party – particularly if you’re inviting lots of guests.  Plan entertainment, plan when food will be served, organise games to play and basically treat the afternoon like a (slightly crazy) military operation.  Nothing is worse than a group of bored five year olds, so make sure there’s plenty going on to entertain even the most demanding children at the party!

Buy more than you need

No matter how much food you have, chances are there will always be extra children at the party – people will turn up with friends, food will be spilt or spoiled, and there’s nothing worse than running out of jelly and ice cream. Cover yourself for all eventualities and buy more than you think you’ll need, this way if a whole jelly ends up on the floor there won’t be tears before bedtime!

Invite your friends

If it helps to have other mums (or dads) on hand to help you out, then by all means invite your friends!  Two sets of hands are better than one, and if it all gets a bit much you can commiserate once the last guests have left over a bottle of wine and the last couple of slices of birthday cake.

The most important aspect to remember for surviving a children’s party is to relax!  Smile, have fun, enjoy the opportunity to act silly for a while and remember, whilst it might be incredibly messy and loud it will all be over in a few hours – but it’s a memory your child will probably have forever. 


  1. I suck on this category, organizing a party is not my cup of tea!

  2. me too, sis. it's great to have tips and checklist like this.


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