May 27, 2013

Guitar Lessons On Hold As Summer Ends


Now that summer vacation is about to end in just a few weeks (or in just a few days for some), Basti's guitar lessons have been put on hold. He had already been told that there will be no guitar lessons for next Saturday, because the school where he's having his lessons is opening its doors to preschoolers come Monday. Hence, the school will be a busy place and also the guitar teacher will be going back to college as a Music major. Basti and I are sad that there won't be any lessons next week. His teacher is just a young guy who had taught him many things already and is really into music. Basti had been checking links in YouTube about some music videos and Googling things like Distortion Pedals which I don't even have any clue about. I take it as a good sign, that he's really interested in music. I think it helps that his teacher is young and Basti looks up to him as a "Kuya".  I hope we can find someone who can teach him at school after classes because he still has so much to learn and he's enjoying his guitar lessons tremendously.

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  1. Ibili mo na lang sis ng tutorial magz, I remember I learned to strum a few by reading the magazine..


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