May 19, 2013

Finally, A Guitar for Basti

Finally, after a few months of waiting, Basti got his guitar. Hubby bought it and brought it home last month. The two younger kids were as excited as he is to play the guitar, but Simon said he wanted drums instead. :) That is so not possible in this quiet neighborhood.

Anyway, Basti's guitar comes with a tuner and I think a connector for an amplifier. In the future, we might consider buying him an amplifier, perhaps in particular an aguilar amp at Guitar Center. But that is of course, if he's really into guitar playing like his cousin who has formed a band with his friends. Right now, all he needs is to learn how to play the guitar. My oldest niece came over for a week and taught strumming techniques and how to tune the guitar. We also enrolled him for formal guitar lessons at a newly-formed school in the neighborhood, for two hours every Saturday. I'm glad Basti has his guitar now. It keeps him off from the computer sometimes and made his summer days less boring. Once ge got together with his cousins, it would also be a great bonding activity for them to play the guitar together.

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  1. Oh wow, congratulations on the instrument purchase. I am sure that Basti will be very good at it!


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