May 16, 2013

Finally Enrolled

Today, I went to my son's school and paid for his tuition. He's finally enrolled as a Grade 6 student at the same school he's been attending for seven years now. I heaved a sigh of relief as soon as I'm done paying my son's tuition and the money was out of my hands. The other mommy beside me laughed, and we looked at each other in the eye and ended up laughing hysterically. We had the same thoughts. Lots of money, gone, just like that. Don't get me wrong, it's not lots of money for some, but for us, poor people, it's a lot. :) We were both relieved that we didn't have to worry anymore this coming June and all we have to do is wait for the class to start. I got his books and school supplies that you can see above. I can't believe that books can cost so much. 

 I also talked with his future classroom adviser. Though, it's still early, I may not have the chance again to talk to her privately about my son's health condition without having to go through an appointment. His soon-to-be homeroom teacher/adviser is also a mom and so I feel so much at ease with her. She assured me that everything will be all right and that she'll watch over my son while he's at school. I went home having a positive feeling about this school year. 

I made a mental note of  remembering to give her a personalized teacher gifts on Teachers' Day, which is still in October. I guess I wouldn't have a hard time remembering that because she seems to be a very nice person. It's too early, I know, but I like giving out small gifts and services as token of appreciation to people I like and who did  a lot for me; and I make a list of those people so that when I have something to spare I won't forget to buy them something. I like buying gifts wholesale also so I can save, because I'm not rich anyway. 

I also like buying school items wholesale. I will have a separate post about that next week. I will tell you where I shop. Until then, have a great day, everyone!  

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  1. I know how you feel sis. I still have to save for the next school year's tuition fee of my kids as well. Ours is $3750 for the two, sakit sa bulsa!


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