May 18, 2013

Cars Themed Party

A few months back, hubby attended a Cars themed party with my youngest, Simon. I wasn't able to post about it because I can't find where hubby uploaded the photos from his cellphone. While I was deleting photos and files that had been backed up already  (memory running low), I found it on the other drives. So timely. :)

We've watched the movie Cars but we're not a big fan of it. There were movies we've watched so many times that the kids have already memorized the lines. But not Cars, we watched each installment of the movie series only once or twice but that's it. We can't say we don't like it, we do. It's just not our favorite. Maybe it's because we are not really that into cars, automobiles and the likes. We have motion sickness, (lol). And we can't tell a brand or type of automobile from the other. We wouldn't even know what a 2 post lift is. My brothers and my nephew would know though, because that's what brings them closer together, the love of cars. They even taught each other how to drive.

Having said that, I still think that a Cars themed party is great. Though we're not a fan of the movie, the Cars themed party are colorful and fun. And toy cars bring joy to kids of all ages. The color red is full of life and that's the main color in Cars themed party.

Simon had so much fun during this birthday party of hubby's officemate's son. :D He had a tattoo on his face when he came home and brought lots of goodies from the party. They also had fun posing at the photo booth with his papa.

Me, I can't take my eyes off these cake-shaped towels. Exquisitely packaged, don't you think? These are beautiful and unique take-home thank you gifts for the guests. 

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Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Such a cute theme for a kid's party! My nephew is celebrating 1 this July and they may take on Thomas Train or Cars as a theme. I'll note this one for them. :)

    Ria C

  2. Themed parties, at any age, are always fun♫ My OYGIF:

  3. Wowowieee pinasama ko sana si EJ sis hehehe. It's nice that Simon likes face painting, EJ doesn't...

    1. face paint! that was the word i was looking for, but i can't remember what it is so i just put tattoo, hahaha. memory gap, old age, you know. :)


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