May 24, 2013

Baclaran Bulk Buying Tips

While other people (whether they be on a budget or just love looking for a good find at a lower price) troop to Divisoria the last few weeks before school starts, hubby and I opt go to Baclaran instead to shop for school uniforms and supplies. While Divisoria undeniably offers the best price, it is too far our place so we thought it would not be practical for us to go there. Baclaran is just a ride away from us. 

Baclaran could also be heaven for budget-conscious shoppers as much as Divisoria is, if you only know where to look. Having been there a lot of times, getting the best deal and where to get them is easy for me as one, two, three. Here are some quick tips:
  •  Common sense dictates to leave your valuables at home.  I don't think I need to elaborate on this. It's self-explanatory. Leave your gadgets at home, for safety reasons and for worry-free shopping. 
  • Common sense also dictates to leave the children at home, (especially on Wednesday when devotees flock to the Baclaran Church, or the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help). It's hot, it's crowded and children can easily get lost in the crowd. Not taking the children will allow you to concentrate on the shopping task at hand. 
  • To get the products at the lowest price possible, go to the wholesalers. The wholesalers are usually in the malls around the LRT station. Some of the wholesalers will sell their products for retail, others will not. But there's no harm in asking. Wholesale usually means buying 3 pieces of the same item, with some you have to buy 6 pieces of the same item. 
Take a look at some of the items we bought wholesale last year. Although, prices would of course vary today from last year, but not much. The fact remains that most of these items were sold almost 50% (or even more) less than what they're sold in regular stores.

last year's goods .prices may have changed since then
Except for the shoes, we bought everything in set of 3 or 6. The Angry Bird bag was initially offered to us at P380 but was able to get it at P300. Buying the sandos wholesale works for us because our two younger boys will get 3 pieces each. 
  •  Prices offered by the street vendors are usually 20% to 30% higher (and even more) than the wholesale price. If you're just going to buy a piece, or just dropped by Baclaran on the way to somewhere, and doesn't want to look for the wholesale stores, that's fine, you can still haggle a little bit. But not too much, remember, they also want to earn. (Hubby and I were shocked to be offered P75 on an undershirt when we could buy them at P45 if we buy three pieces in a wholesale store. Same goes with a good quality, heavy duty school bag that was priced at P1000 and which I got at P600.)
  • Don't give in to temptation so easily. You always get a giddy feeling when you see all kinds of things at low price. Consider many things first. Check for quality. Check with yourself if you really need them. Would the kids really love those toys? Sometimes, when you give in too easily, you don't actually get the best things at the best price.  (I bought a bowling set just because we thought our youngest would be thrilled to have it. Turn out, my youngest was not impressed at all, hu-hu! And we thought afterwards that we could have bought three or more toys that the kids would surely love at that price}.
  •  The Baclaran area is divided into sections. So to conserve time in shopping and especially if you're just looking for a specific item, it is important to know where these sections are. Here's a simple map. It goes without saying that retailers are usually at the side of the road.

Where to find things in Baclaran. Please enlarge for better view
UPDATE: 02/18/2014
Looking for electronics, iPad cases, mouse, keyboards, speakers, headsets, cellphone accessories, school supplies, bags, jewelries.  - found at the mall that's linked right at the entrance/exit of LRT. There are two exits if you're coming from North and coming to Baclaran. Both exits have Jollibee on them. Try the exit that's nearest the church, the last exit.

Leotards and tights: 200 to 350 depending on size. Try haggling for less.  Back of the church.
  • There are so many items for sale at the airconditioned malls. You will find most of the school supplies, bags, watches, etcetera in the airconditioned  malls.
  • When you think of Baclaran, you think cheap cost. Of course, the sellers know that you think this way. So when some enterprising salesperson sell you something, try canvassing first at other stalls. Your idea of cheap may not be their idea of cheap.  Does that make sense? 
  • For uniforms, shoes, curtains, gowns, RTW, Baclaran is the place to be. For all others, try Divisoria. 
UPDATE: 10-12-2013: 
  • Are you looking for Boy Scout uniforms? You can find them at the alley beside the Baclaran Super Mall and at the alley beside Cabrera Shopping Center. (Please refer to the map above)  I went there last Tuesday to source out scout uniforms. Between the two, I prefer the alley beside the Baclaran Super Mall. However, I got my whole set (for only P550 with my son's 30-inch waistline and small men's shirt) at the 2nd floor of newly-built mall right beside the South Terminal Commercial Center. This was the area that was burnt before and a new mall was built in the same area. I love the quality of the pants that I got in there. But they have very few stalls that sell scouting uniforms. You'll have more options at the alleys beside the Baclaran Super Mall and the alley back of the church, the alley beside the Cabrera Shopping Center.
  • Are you looking for United Nations' costume? I found some really cute ones at the alley back of the church, beside Cabrera Shopping Center. 

  • Halloween costumes? Didn't see much but I've noticed some. I wasn't particularly looking for them, so maybe I unconsciously blocked them out of my sight. But if you're going to look for one, the best place to look for is at the same place back of the church where gowns, uniforms and costumes are sold. Same place, back of the church, alley beside Cabrera Shopping Center.
FB Harrison Street, Baclaran

Some scenes from Baclaran, morning before noon, end of April 2013.
And of course,don't forget to drop by the church to say a little prayer of thanks for all your blessings. 

And with that, Happy Weekend everyone!


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  2. I can't remember the last time I have ever set foot in Baclaran. I think I was still in college and I went for a visita de iglesia. I'm not sure why but that was it.

    I am not good at haggling. Your tips surely help!

    Ria C

  3. I shopped in Baclaran once with my boss when I work in Bulacan.

  4. Divisoria is really the place to go on practical shopping, but one should be really watchful on their valuable because the swindler and snatchers are all around the area. This post is so helpful especially for to those who will go there the first time.

  5. I was very happy to have a glance at Baclaran when daughter and I went to the Philippines last year. We passed it while riding in the big bus. I would love to check out if we have enough time during our vacation :-) I love to find good deals for the entire family :-)

  6. Baclaran, my wife's territory, may puwesto si misis dyan sa Francisca Arcade. Yes , best talaga na go looking for wholesale outlets. BTW very helpful tips pala.

    1. good day sir, how can i contact your wife, humahanap po kac ako ng supplier ng rtw, hirap po kc pag wala alam na or kakilala. salamat po.

  7. I've been to Manila but I've never been to Divisoria, though this is the place where I really want to go. I can't say I'm an expert in haggling but I have tried it before so why not try it in Divisoria dba? :D

  8. good tips, when I was still in Manila, I oftentimes go to Baclaran too for shopping since it is closer to us. Also, I find Divisoria too crowded and I would have to bargain a lot to get the items at lower price than Divisoria, which I am not the type.

  9. When I still have my shop in the Philippines, used to go in Divisoria. To be honest, I never tried going to Baclaran for shopping but my mom always tell me it's cheap there too. Maybe if I'm with my mom I can go around there but without her, I think I will be lost.

  10. I seldom get a chance to shop at Baclaran! I live in Davao kasi and whenever I go to the Metro, wala na akong time to visit Baclaran. The last time I've been there was three years ago. :)

  11. thank you! i've been looking for a map showing where to find what at baclaran since walking around aimlessly would just tire you out... this is really helpful!

  12. do you know if baclaran has those silk screen calendars for 2014?

    1. yes, there are shops that would be offering that, but i haven't seen much of them yet. It would be best to look around October or November. Last year, there are many sellers, contractors of that on the streets. I'll check when I get back there and will update here.

    2. Thanks for the input.

      Anyway, my wife went there earlier and she told me she didn't find any. I just don't know if it's because of her lack of knowledge and skills in baclaran or it's just not the season yet. For me, I wanted to start it early, getting orders from kapitbahay, office mates and other potential customers and re-sellers before the season, at least around this time, there's little competition and customers can pay extensively until DEcember making it a little less expensive for them.

      Siguro, I'll try divisoria. I hope to hit some luck this weekend there ;-)

    3. Still no luck on the calendars at this time of the year. It's October already. :( I wonder why. Hope you're able to find them in Divisoria. Quaipo or Recto would be places to look for them also.

  13. You've got some great deals sis. This is one thing that I keep telling my husband, with his retirement pay, we could live comfortably in Pinas. If only my kids would love to, but they don't.

    1. Yes, that is so true, sis. Hope the kids would have a change of mind.

  14. Thanks for the tips. I will pay Baclaran a visit when I go home.

  15. Shopping for good finds can be quite hard but at the end of the day - very fulfilling.

  16. Replies
    1. I will look for her Papaleng when I buy shoes for the kids again. Maybe I'll get a good discount. :) wink, wink. :)

  17. Very helpful info about baclaran. This is really what i need :-) I m starting a small shop in our province, composed mainly of rtw and shoes. I know baclaran is the place for wholesalers but i really have no idea where to go. Thanks for your blog, i dont have to worry anymore. Bookmarked! :-)

  18. im looking for a supplier (RTW) pls. txt me @09166021428.tnx

  19. You experienced Baclaran, isn't it very cheap items? We used to lived there before, and really all our children's clothing came from Baclaran.

  20. i'm looking for a suppllier (rtw).
    i have a small business in one of the towns here in iloilo. i usually purchace the items here in iloilo city but the price is too high even in wholesale basis, please hellp me. here's my # 09065853690. tnx

    1. Thanks for your comment. I would recommend to visit, one of the associations of wholesalers in Baclaran. Disclaimer: I am in no way related with them. Just saw their site online.

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