Apr 21, 2013

Reminiscing Life Moments


I was looking through my cellphone photo gallery and I saw these photos of my two younger kids, Sam and Simon. These were taken last June 2012 when we bought a foam mattress. The kids were so happy jumping and playing on this mattress. They love that it was yellow and that it feels good on their feet. I love to see my kids like this, being happy over the simplest of things. I can still hear their laughter and noisy chatter in my ears.


The foam mattress by the way was purchased from Uratex, a popular brand here in the Philippines. We went to their store and had the mattress cut according to our specification. We also bought sofa mattresses from them at the same time, with the width and size cut according to our wish. And it cost less than the ones sold in malls. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, everyone! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Cute action shots! Isn't it so nice how photos can trigger happy memories? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Barb

  2. Great collage and adorable children. I like how you displayed a sweet memory!

  3. Oh how precious, moments captured like those is a great reminder of the milestones of our kids. Love their smiles!

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