Apr 20, 2013

Personalized Labels and Tags

While kids are still enjoying the summer vacation, moms and dads,  I'm sure, are thinking as early as now of the coming school year. I, for one, am already making my list of things to buy, things to print and things to pay at school. I am already planning my "strategies" on how I'll be able to cope with three kids in school this coming June. Yes, three, because my four-year-old Simon has now expressed his desire to go to school "just like kuya" (big brother). 

On Monday, he will start to attend summer classes at a new preschool in the neighborhood, so he would have a feel on how it's like to be in a classroom full of kids. This will help him to transition better for regular class in June. He's pretty much excited and I am excited for him. I already bought him crayons, pencils and papers to use at his summer school (I would be shopping for the school items in May for all three of them and I would be buying in bulk because things are, well, cheaper when bought wholesale). But for now, these are just the things he will need. 

Of course, I'm looking for cute kids name labels  that I can stick on his paper, pencil and crayons box so if in case he forgets them, they would be returned to him easily. Labels are a must-have for me. Every year, I print out labels for my eldest son ever since he was in preschool.  Now, I do the same for Sam and will be doing the same for Simon. I am also looking for more personalized products like bag tags, lunch boxes, and drinking bottles for all of the three boys. Kids love personalized items and are often thrilled to see their names printed on things.Who doesn't? I'm sure my little Simon would love those personalized products, especially that some of  the choices we see on the worldwide web are just too cute. 

For sure, the coming school year would be a challenging one for me, but I hope even more fulfilling than last year. With proper time management, support from my family and cooperation from my three kids, I know we can make it through with flying colors. I have faith. :)


  1. I love personalized stuff, it makes it more special!

  2. I love to personalized the things for my kids too :) especially for parties!


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